Founders letter

phyllisIt is both my honor and privilege to welcome you to Neat Stuff. The past ten years have been filled with glorious memories for us, but more importantly, for the children we serve. We have provided approximately 37,000 new wardrobes along with feelings of self pride and dignity to young victims of crime, poverty and homelessness. Our client base has grown steadily from just a handful the first year in 1995 to over 7,000 this past year.

Neat Stuff grew beyond imagination from its humble beginnings. It seems like only yesterday that I started collecting cartons of clothing in my garage. Now we have a store, stockroom and warehouses in Miami-Dade County.

While many may be satisfied helping 7,000 children, we have 144,000 youth in South Florida who still need us.

We work diligently to make Neat Stuff successful and are grateful for the encouragement and support of our friends who donate new merchandise and funds. We welcome others to join in and help us reach our lofty goals.

Together we have made a huge difference. Every child deserves… NEW clothes, shoes, books and toys.

Fond Regards,

Phyllis Krug